Oct 19


We’ve seen the iPhone. We’ve waited for the iPhone 3G. And we waited for the most successful iPhone so far: iPhone 3GS. But Apple is not sitting still ofcourse. The iPhone 4G is already being tested. And by someone you’d not immediately expect: Verizon.According to FoneFrenzy, the successor of the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4G, is being tested in America as we speak. And Verizon is the one testing the newest version of Apple’s iPhone. Verizon is currently promoting a new Android device with Motorola, mainly showing what the iPhone CAN’T do. They are also working on the development of a LTE-network.

LTE is the successor of UMTS and much quicker. It also works on the same band as the early analog television worked on. The new iPhone is rumored to use the LTE network. Detail: Verizon is a CDMA network, not a GSM network. This could also mean the new iPhone must be compatible with the CDMA network.

The iPhone 4G has been tested on this LTE network the last couple of months. Verzion CEO Lowell McAdam is claimed to have visited Apple HQ several times lately. The iPhone 4G is rumored to be introduced at the WWDC 2010. But still this is very, very, very early news about the next iPhone. A lot can change and this could very well be just a rumor.

Source: FoneFrenzy

(P.S. the picture at the head of this article is just a concept drawing)

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13 Responses to ““iPhone 4G Being Tested” By……Verizon!!!”

  1. toNYc311 Says:

    WHAT?!?! VERIZON?!?!! Well that would make sense I guess as AT&T’s exclusivity deal is about to run out correct? But I DEFINITELY am going to want an iPhone 4G!!!!!!!!!!

  2. borgqueenx Says:

    Always nice to hear rumors. But what could be added in hardware to the iphone 3gs? I only want longer battery life myself…

  3. Marc C Says:

    This shall be legendary. Can’t wait for the next iPhone on Verizon.

  4. emiz Says:


  5. AdGuy Says:

    As an advertising manager in the technology field, I can tell you there is one thing you don’t do. You don’t spend millions of dollars on slamming a company that you are working with behind closed doors. Verizon is spending millions of dollars on their Droid campaign – factor in media buys/TV commercials during NFL and MBL games and you quickly reach multi-millions of dollars. They are pitting Verizon against Apple because they know that Apple is the brand they need to beat…not AT&T…who’s brand has already taken a beating. The Google/Verizon alliance and the fact that Verizon has stated “none of their phones will come with app portals other than Verizon App Store pre loaded on the phone” should put these ridiculous rumors to rest once and for all. Users can side load those other app stores – WinMo, Android, & eventually Palm – but most non-technical people will not or will not even have knowledge they exist. They will simply use Verizon App Store as their purchase point. Apple would never agree to take their App Store off the iPhone. The App Store is the reason the iPhone was made!! It is a delivery device for the App Store!

  6. maztrr Says:

    Actually, the iPhone was not made for the AppStore. The original iPhone did not have any form of native apps except for jailbroken ones and the stock ones.
    The iPod Touch 2g, however, was built for the AppStore. Being the portal to the AppStore without the ludicruss phone bills form AT&T. I do watn to see the iPhone come to Verizon though. AT&T sucks. Also that concept design is absolutely sexy.

  7. brian Says:

    i think that apple will do great on the most reliable network. i believe that at&t is only up and running is because of the iphone otherwise the company will come down.. and for all those at&t users i think that u should open ur eyes and not say that u dont want the iphone on verizon because that is the best company right now. eventhough apple made a contract with at&t thaat doesnt mean that at&t is the best network please even in the executive meeting in apple it was stated that they only made a contract with at&t because it was the only company willing to follow the agreements, but not because it is an excellent company and furthermore they really dont care what company sells there phone, they just want there product purchased. but now since they reviewed it over they came to the conclusion that eventhough the iphone was on at&t alot of users didnt leave the verizon company due to the fact of the iphone in at&t. so please gather ur facts before u state ur comments,… \
    thanks and i hope u all enjoy the new iphone 4G that includes a ichat cam for webcam access….

  8. sophii xx Says:

    heyy do u think it will actually come out soon? i don’t know whether to get the 3gs or wait until 4g comes out.

  9. paola Says:

    i honestly think they should go with t-mobile…

  10. vanessa Says:

    true story…right about now t-mobile is most high ranked especially because of there great prices on there plans and there service is great….most people now a days only have t-mobile

  11. u don't need to know Says:

    this is a lie. apple wouldn’t switch carriers.

  12. victor Says:

    its going to VeriZon. with our new LTE network (4G), the new 32/64 GB with 2 cameras and led flash, bigger battery, and a flat back.

  13. ellie Says:

    omg! me too i think the 3gs is better looking, but the 4g might be better, like the web cam access…. but other than that there pretty much the same, ahhh! i dont know what to do, it would be great if it could look the same as 3gs and came out now!! :( x

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