Oct 14

Solar_PortableThis is a 100% Solar Energy Emergency Recharger, it charges your mobile devices anytime and anywhere! With solar energy absorbing panel, it protects the environment with clean and effective solar energy power. You can buy this gadget on dsstyles.com.

CIMG0019This little gadget weights only 42g, has a dimension  of 60 x 53 x 12 mm and is compatible with the Apple iPhone. It’s very handy for people on the move, you can use this battery as a little backup system to keep your iPhone alive all the time.

You can use this item by charging this battery  using the iPhone or iPod cable and if you don’t have access to your charge cable just use the solar panel and it will charge itself for you.

What do we think of this Power Station?:

1. Qualitatively it feels well and it can suffer some hits: (4/5 Stars).
2. If you charged the Power Station using the power cable and and charge your iPhone 3GS in the dark it will charge a little over %50. When you put your iPhone in the sun it will charge all the way. (4/5 Stars).
3. The size of this Power Station is relative small compare to other solar chargers. That’s a plus. (5/5 Stars).
4. The price of $28,46 is a good price for the quality this gadget delivers. (4/5 Stars).
5. Unfortunately i doesn’t fit on all the iPhone/iPods. (3/5 Stars)

Total score (4/5 Stars).


We also tested the charger on the First Gen iPod Touch, but it doesn’t fit, they claim it works on the iPod Touch but it doesn’t work on the 1st Gen so they probably mean the 2e Gen.

This Solar Power Station can be bought here on dsstyles.com for $28,46.

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