Sep 16

500x_mac-tablet-concept-2A new report from Taiwan Economic News revives rumor discussions by claiming that Apple’s tablet computer will launch in February 2010 at a price point between $799 and $999.

The newspaper claims to have spoken with several manufacturers who are working on a Mac Tablet. They also say the tablet would offer a 9.6″ touchscreen, a 3G+ network chips, a high capacity battery and a PA Semi processor.

Further information explains that Dynapack has won a contract to supply up to 300,000 batteries per month. At the same time Wintek will supply touchscreens for the new device. Wintek is also Apple’s current iPhone screen supplier.

To me this is new evidence Apple will launch a Mac Tablet or iTablet very soon.

Source: HardMac

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One Response to “Again New Rumors About Possible Mac Tablet”

  1. Gilbert Says:

    I have been saving my money for one of these, I really hope that this rumor becomes realistic.

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