Sep 09

applelogoOnly a few hours to go till the keynote of Apple’s Media Event will delivered, but there’s already news about the iPods. This is, I think, the most obvious evidence that Apple has new iPods for us. They reduced the prices significantly!

And not only the iPod touch has been reduced in price, but the iPod nano and the iPod classic as well. The price has dropped several tens of dollars and the 32 GB iPod touch even dropped more than $100! in price. The 32GB touch is now $279 (down from $399), the 16GB is $249 (was $299), and the 8GB model is $189 instead of $229.

Below is a picture and a complete list of those devices and their new prices.

ipod price reduction

iPod touch
8 GB: $189,-
16 GB: $249,-
32 GB: $279,-

iPod nano
8 GB: $129,-
16 GB: $149,-

iPod classic
120 GB: $229,-

Could it be that Apple will introduce a 64 GB iPod touch? We’ll see very very soon.

Source: Apple and Gizmodo

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