Sep 01
ophoneApple’s deal with China Unicom introduces the iPhone on the Chinese market, but there are companies who are not so happy with this deal. China Mobile has launched their flagship called the ‘OPhone’. Besides the name, the looks of this mobile device are very similar to that of the iPhone. The mobile market in China is much bigger than the market in the US, so it will be interesting how this competition unfolds.
The OPhone will run Open Mobile System, OMS, a China Mobile branded fork of Google’s Android. The OPhones will be manufactured by Dell, HTC and Lenovo
“Chipmaker Marvell affirmed its support of OMS with the platform’s launch today. Marvell’s Vice President and General Manager of Consumer and Computing Business said, “China is not only leading the next phase of growth for the global economy, it is driving new advancements in 3G and 4G mobile technology. Working with China Mobile to deliver smartphones with advanced capabilities enables Marvell to expand its reach deeper into the world’s largest phone market.”
With the launch of OPhone, Android now has the single largest wireless market in the world at its disposal. At the beginning of 2009, China Mobile had 463.9 million wireless subscribers. By comparison, The United States’ largest wireless carrier, AT&T, closed out 2008 with 74.9 million subscribers.”
Source: BetaNews

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    The mobile market in China is POTENTIALLY much bigger than the market in the US

    98% of the population exist at a subsistence level and no more.

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