Aug 28

apple-logoAppleInsider reports about an new Apple patent. This patent describes how the homescreen can be changed depending where you are. This change will be automatic and can display local weather, time, maps and contacts based on the device’s location.

“The user can create a set of location-aware applications that can be populated by transitional data sets,” the patent filing reads. “A transitional data set is a data set that can change based on the current location of the mobile device… as determined by a positioning technology (e.g., GPS, cell tower triangulation, Wi-Fi).”

“If the user’s home is in New York, then the user may configure a “weather” widget to display the weather in New York as a default,” the filing reads, “and such default information can be persistent. If the user travels to San Francisco, the user can touch the “Here” button… and the “weather” widget will automatically display the weather for San Francisco… Thus each time the user travels to San Francisco, the location-aware mobile device… can automatically populate the “weather widget with transitional data associated with San Francisco.”


Apple seems to have invested in other patents as well, such as:

  • a speech-to-text feature
  • a method to transfer images between devices

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