Aug 15

152021-third_gen_touch_1_500So new rumors have seen the light. This time it’s about the iPod Touch. Several pictures showed up on MacRumors and look very real. But if it is the next generation iPod Touch…I doubt it.

There’s now a camera at the back. While this is a nice feature to have on an iPod, the place of the camera bothers me. It’s in the middle as you can see in the picture above and below. That’s not Apple style. But who knows, Apple could be trying a different look.

The picture below shows the 2nd gen iPod Touch next to the rumored new one. It immediately shows that there’s no Apple logo at the back of the 3rd gen iPod Touch. Not even the name ‘iPod’.

152022-third_gen_touch_3 On the other hand, the third picture shows the inside of the device and you can clearly see a red motherboard which indicates this is a prototype. Maybe that’s why there’s no Apple logo. You can also see “APPLE 2009” written on the motherboard.


So this could be the next gen iPod Touch, but then again, maybe it’s just a very skilled photoshopper. It’s almost September, then we’ll know more.

The video below also shows the device (with the camera in the middle):

What do you think? Is this real or not?

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