Aug 08


You would expect that I have a jailbroken iPhone, right? Well I do. Since yesterday. I finally decided to jailbreak my iPhone and WOW, I slap myself and think “why didn’t I do this earlier?”. It’s so much better then what Apple gives us. And I just found out that I now belong to the small 8,43% of people who have a jailbroken iPhone. I feel so happy.

Oke, let’s return to Earth. Pinch Media released some statistics (picture below) and according to their calculations 8,43% of all iPhone is jailbroken. Last week this was still 8%. So that’s a growth of 0,43%. On 10 million iPhones, that means an extra 430.000 iPhones. Let’s encourage the ‘remaining’ 91,57% to jailbreak their device as well.


One could say the growth has to do with the rejection of the Google Voice Application. But it remains speculation. Pinch Media doesn’t say how many users they checked and not every developers use the Pinch Media software.

Do you have a jailbroken device?

Via: The Apple Bites

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3 Responses to “More People Jailbreak Their iPhone”

  1. iFoneGooner Says:

    Ha ha, welcome to the jail broken community, what kept you ;-) You are now (according to Apple) a criminal. What IS criminal, is the fact that there is so much you can do to personalise your iFone and apple just cannot seem to admit it.

  2. Mr. Bubbles Says:

    I had my orginal iPhone jailbroken but I’m going to wait for 3.1 with mms to jailbreak my 3Gs

  3. red Says:

    lol the jailbreaking/unlock feature was the only reason i even got a iPhone otherwise i would never invest all that money to be told what to do with a $600 phone! get the hell outtaaaa here! lol welcome to the family.


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