Aug 07

093359-muster_tablet_mockup_500Fortune summarizes a research report from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who thinks Apple could sell two million of its rumored tablet computer in 2010 at $600 each. He also shows a mockup of what he thinks the device will look like (see picture above). This is what Munster says about the Mac Tablet:

The device, as he sees it, willÂ…

– Be similar to an iPod touch, only larger, capable of running most of the 70,000 applications on the iPhone App Store plus a new category of apps designed for the bigger screen.
– Will be used primarily for Web surfing, e-mail, and digital media, competing with netbooks without being a netbook.
– Will be priced between an iPhone and a MacBook — between $500 and $700.
– Is likely to include a 3G cellular modem and could be subsidized by a carrier — either AT&T or Verizon.
– Will sell better than Apple TV did its first year (1.2 million units).
– Could in fact sell 2 million units at $600 each to generate $1.2 billion and add about 3% to Apple’s revenue stream in calendar 2010.

He also stands by his claim that Apple will launch the tablet computer in early 2010. Other rumors say the tablet will be launched in September this year. It’s the same as the launch of the iPhone 3GS, some said the launch would take place in July, others said later in June and eventually the phone was shown at WWDC and launched one week later. So hopefully the tablet will be shown in September and launched a week later.

What do you think (or hope)?

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