Aug 01

Apple finally responded to SMS security vulnerability. The news of the vulnerability quickly spreaded all around the world several days ago and was disclosed at Thursday’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Reuters said hackers need no more then two weeks to build the software that can exploit this matter. And Apple now came with an answer. iPhone firmware 3.0.1 should close the leak.

iphone 3.0.1

All iPhone customers are recommended to update and this simply involves plugging your iPhone into iTunes and updating.

WARNING: The jailbreak will be lost during this update. However, the baseband is not updated with the firmware, according to iSpazio and a confirmation via the IRC-channel of Saurik. So all jailbreakers and unlockers can update the firmware as well. The jailbreak needs to be executed again.

The firmware can be download through the links below:

iPhone 2G/EDGE

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3GS

Our firmware page

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