Jul 30

cydiastore19a-1Cydia is doing well. According to the statistics Cydia earned almost a 1/4 of a million with $210.000. After all they did for the developers who didn’t get a chance in the App Store, because their apps were rejected by Apple, Cydia really earned it.

The Cydia Store launched its first product on March 07, 2009. Cyntact sold sells for a buck, and was the first paid package through the Cydia Store. It allows you to see profile pictures in contact lists. While not the only 3rd party application store for the iPhone (Rock Your Phone also exists), it is definitely the most popular one, largely due to Cydia’s immense popularity as the source for jailbreak packages (items you can only get when jailbroken – like themes and apps such as GV Mobile, recently kicked out of the AppStore).

Now, 4 1/2 months later, “the Cydia Store has had ~53,000 purchases for a grand total of ~$210,000 spent,” said Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, known as saurik to most in the jailbreak crowd. And for a good while, packages weren’t even being accepted into the store other than a few beta packages, which he used to live test the service after the initial offline testing. (Packages are now being added more and more as the service matures – use our Cydia submission form if you’ve got an application you’d like ModMyi to host (we’re not your only option), and we’ll be in touch).

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