Jul 25

apple tablet

AppleInsider reports Apple is aiming for early 2010 release of the much rumored tablet computer. The picture shown above is an artist rendition but looks very cool to me. What kind of possibilities will you have with a jumbo iPod Touch?

The 10-inch, 3G-enabled tablet, akin to a jumbo iPod touch, is the latest brainchild of chief executive Steve Jobs. That distinction, as insiders will tell you, carries its share of baggage. Under the critical eye of Jobs, contours must be precise, each pixel of the interface has to match a particular vision, and there can be no fault — no matter how slight — or it’s back to the drawing board.

As such, AppleInsider has observed silently as the project was reset at least a half-dozen times over the past 24 months. Each time, development was frozen and key aspects of the device rethought, retooled and repositioned. At times, those close to the Apple co-founder had their doubts that it would ever see the light of day, just like a smaller PDA device he canned a few years after returning to the company.

Sources now indicate, however, that Jobs is satisfied with current design of the device and the company is moving quickly toward a release in the first quarter of 2010.

However, the past six months have reportedly seen the critical pieces fall into place. Jobs, who’s been overseeing the project from his home, office and hospital beds, has finally achieved that much-sought aura of satisfaction. He’s since cemented the device in the company’s 2010 roadmap, where it’s being positioned for a first quarter launch, according to people well-respected by AppleInsider for their striking accuracy in Apple’s internal affairs.

What do you think about these developements? And what would you like to see on this tablet computer? I think it should have a groundbreaking record of battery life. Something similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch. I can’t think of any laptop or tablet computer that can run for 30 hours playing music or 10 hours playing videos. And with Steve Jobs back in action we can expect some good quality stuff soon.

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2 Responses to “Apple Tablet In Early 2010?”

  1. Tazeem Says:

    This is almost perfect. Now I will be able to ditch my Advantage. Now only if I can run my DivX movies on this….

  2. Luketh Dragon Says:

    Honestly, I think it will be great, but if it’s the same kind of touch panel as the iPhones, I’m not sure I could go for it. I’ve been looking into a tablet for the past few months for drawing. I want something easily portable and great to draw on. If they develop some form of accurate stylus to go with this tablet, it may just be all that more appealing to a lot of people.

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