Jul 21

iPhone 3Gs gets a lot of love from its users for the video recording ability. Since iPhone 3Gs was released, YouTube uploads/day went up to 1600% . Many people decided to shoot video using only the iPhone 3Gs camera.

ZGrip is the one of the serious solutions for shooting video with the iPhone 3Gs. It’s all about stability. There is far too much side to side movement when shooting with an iPhone.
iPhone video contests are popping up all over and the need to shoot stable video is now here. Introducing the Zgrip iPhone PRO a completely adjustable, quick releasable handgrip system for shooting professional stable video using the iPhone 3Gs. The consumer version is coming soon and will be substantially less expensive but will lose a lot of the adjustability to get to that lower price point.

The iPhone 3Gs snaps into the Zgrip and you are ready to shoot. The handgrip fully articulates, and all of the red levers allow you to adjust every angle to get those interesting, creative and smooth shots.

Watch the video and it will all become clear. The Zgrip iPhone PRO, developed by Zacuto, leading indie camera accessories maker in the professional market. All Zacuto products are designed and made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty.

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