Jul 19

idive300Sometimes people come with thinks and you think like when will I ever need it. Take the iDive300 from H2O Audio for example. It’s a solid waterproof case for the iPod, making it possible to watch movies in the deep blue sea.Ofcourse that’s ideal, because deepsea-diving will be very boring without it. Maybe that was the reason H2O Audio had in mind, but it can’t be said for certain. The iDive300 still works 90 meters under water. There’s also a waterproof headphone provided with the package to make sure you even have sound with your videos or can listen to music.

The iPod can also be controlled under water with the buttons on the side of the case. It is compatible with the iPod classic, the iPod nano G1 till G4, the iPod 5th generation and the iPod Touch. You’ll think twice before buying this accessory because the iDive300 costs 250 euros!

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