Jun 27

youtube_logoGoogle has announced that the daily YouTube upload have increased with 400%. That’s an amazing achievement. The increasing upload rate is mainly due to the arrival of iPhone 3GS. The video recording and editing capabilities are very easy to use and that makes it easy to post YouTube videos directly from the iPhone.

YouTube points out that the increased upload rate caused by the new iPhone 3GS, is also the acceleration of a trend that has seen the upload rate grow by 1700% over the past six months.

“This growth represents three things coming together: new video-enabled phones on the market, improvements to the upload flow when you post a video to YouTube from your phone, and a new feature on YouTube that allows your videos to be quickly and effortlessly shared through your social networks. It takes just a minute to connect your YouTube account to your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader accounts. Complete a simple, one-time connection on our upload page to allow all your friends and followers to get a real-time stream of your uploads to YouTube, which can be essential in this age of citizen reporting and ubiquitous sharing.”

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