Jun 10

matte casingThe new iPhone 3GS doesn;t have a matte casing. Many people hoped or believed the new iPhone would have a matte casing. Now it seems like the photos about this matte casing that leaked months ago were fake. But further study shows they were possibly true. Apple just experimented with different casings.

When zoomed in the information on the back says:

Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China
Model No: A1301 FCC ID:Â BCGA1303A IC ID: 597C-A1303A

Two days ago official records were released. Based on these records, this FCC ID does correlate with the new iPhone 3GS:

ID matte casing

These model numbers and FCC ID’s don’t follow an obvious progressions, therefore it is unlikely someone got lucky by guessing the numbers. This was clearly produced by Apple.

One Response to “Matte Casing Was Real?”

  1. Wesley Says:

    I don’t understand why they rejected it, the current back case scratches very easily, this one would be more resistant. But I guess they think the plastic is “classier”…

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