Jun 09

iphone-os-301Besides the introduction of Safari 4 and Snow Leopard it was also time to introduce the iPhone OS 3.0. The new iPhone OS 3.0 will launch on June 17th and will be available for everybody. For iPhone users the update is free, but iPod Touch users have to pay $9,95.

The most anticipated new feautures of the new iPhone OS 3.0 are:

  • Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Landscape Keyboard
  • MMS
  • Spotlight Search
  • Voice Memos
  • Improved Calender
  • Buy Movies, TV-Shows and Audiobooks
  • Enhanced Stock App
  • Tethering

The cut, copy & paste function works across all standard apps. Same goes for landscape keyboard. It works in safari, notes, messages and mail. Although MMS was introduced in Apple’s previous media event, AT&T will not support this feature until late summer. Other countries will support all features.

Tethering is a feature that hasn’t been discussed before. Apple focused on this new functionality at their keynote. Tethering is a way to connect your iPhone with you laptop and share its internet connection. So when you’re in a train or a bus, just enable tethering and you can internet behind your laptop.

Another new feature is called Find My iPhone and is only available for users with a MobileMe account. Find My iPhone allows you to find your iPhone when it’s lost. You login to your MobileMe account and it will tell you where your iPhone is. Users can send alerts to the device and perform remote wipes for data security. Wiped iPhone can be restored by syncing the iPhone with iTunes when the iPhone is found.

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