Jun 08


The WWDC is upon us and starts in less then an hour. What can we expact from Phil Schiller when he delivers the WWDC 2009 keynote address?

The last couple of months, especially the last couple of weeks, have been busy when it comes to iPhone rumors. The Palm Pre has been launched as an iPhone killer, but it seemed like the iPhone rumors just grew exponentionaly. There was an unstoppable stream of so called leaked photos of a possible new iPhone. All kinds of rumors about the hardware of the next iPhone started to show up on almost every reasonable iPhone website and even photo’s about the possible casing could be found on the web. Here is a short roundup of the most likely rumors.


A front facing camera, a compass, more memory, bigger storage room, more powerful processor, matte casing, OLED touchscreen, bigger screen, better battery life and many more. All are rumors about the upcoming iPhone.


Almost half a year ago Apple announced the next firmware version for the iPod Touch and the iPhone: OS 3.0. They also released the new SDK for developers. Since then rumors started to spread very quickly. New features were discovered almost daily. Apple will include an audio recorder, cut copy paste, search and many other features. A lot of those features will likely be discussed in todays keynote.


The hardware is probably discussed the most. Rumors ranging from front facing camera’s to the lit Apple logo on the back. The Google phone Android has a compass onboard. So the technology is ready. It is one of the more likely rumors. A front facing camera is still questionable but a better overal camera is more logical. Another logical upgrade will be a better battery and more storage room, up to 32GB. Rumor goes that there will probably even be a downgrade to 4GB of storage. Several different iPhones could be launched. Ranging not only in storage room (and maybe other hardware features), but also in price.Â



The small list below is a overview of rumors that are most likely to be part of the next iPhone:

– MagnetometerÂ
– Auto Focus CameraÂ
– VideoÂ
– 4GB to 32GB sizesÂ
– 7.2 Mbps 3GÂ




Another big discussion was about the design. Lots of photos were released. Real or not there were several beautiful designs among them. Some were leaked, others were just being put online by people with really good photoshop experience. The most likely change will be a matte casing. The overal design will most likely be the same as the current iPhone. There could be a bigger screen but that is still open for debate. The ear speaker, on the other hand, will be higher placed. Maybe to make room for a front facing camera, but maybe for a bigger battery or other hardware.

The rumors are huge this year and although the keynote will focus mostly on OS X Snow Leopard and OS 3.0, the rumors focus mostly on the next iPhone. We’ll see in less then an hour.

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