May 24

applelogoRecently we posted concept art, here and here, of the new iPhone. Although it isn’t sure if that’s the real deal it is exciting to talk about the look of the new iPhone. Below is a picture of another possible look of the new iPhone, posted by iDeals China. It is much thinner and is focused on video editing, which is consistent with previous rumors. It sure makes me very excited. Tell me what you think.




2 Responses to “New iPhone Picture iDeal China”

  1. David J. Says:

    thats actually creepy thin, id be afraid to hold it, it may break xD
    but the ichat camera looks awesome, and the multi-tasking, doubt both though.

  2. Campbell k Says:

    This picture is not new I’ve seen it before and I believe it is mostly just wishful thinking. If there would be video conferencing I think it would already have been discovered in the betas of 3.0

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