May 12

214239The forum which has been the source of early photos of uni-body MacBook and MacBook Pro prior to release has issued early screenshots of next-gen iPhone.

The image uploaded shows the model number of next generation iPhone “MB717LL” with 32 MB of storage. Also some other features listed on the forum are:

  • 600MHz CPU Speed (up from 400MHz)
  • 256MB RAM (up from 128MB)
  • Digital Compass and FM
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus
  • 32GB size
  • No major changes in battery, screen and external casing.

    All these information are well believable. As we mentioned earlier, these forum had been in past correct source of pre-release pictures of Apple products. Also, the features listed are acceptable.

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    10 Responses to “Chinese forum details next gen iPhone”

    1. Maulik Says:

      i am w8in for new iphone might buy it if i will be able to

    2. jazz Says:

      needs a minimum of 8mp cam with flash.

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    6. Tautleweque Says:

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    7. lulkpolve Says:


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    8. Enror Says:

      I want to use my old iPhone as a backup phone on vacation so I don’t mess up up my new iPhone 3g.

    9. lulkpolve Says:


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