Apr 29

Every iPhone user is going through a common frustration – carrying the iPhone charging cable with us all the time. As my iPhone was still under warranty, I planned to give it a shot and I sent my iPhone to my service provider for diagnosis its battery.

Here in India, if they find something really wrong with your iPhone/iPod, they give you a quick replacement. So, I didn’t stop myself to expect the same. I was hoping to receive all new iPhone.

But, that was too much to expect. I got a call from Apple and they informed me that my phone is waterlogged. Shocking!

I sent it back giving my explanations.

But the question was “How did they say my Phone was waterlogged!?” Answer: Our iPhone hates moisture. Yes. Apple has embedded two water damage sensors – one in the headphone jack and one in the docking port.

The sensor is white thing on both the locations and it turns red or pinkish when it comes in contact with water. iphonewatersenseor

This can happen easily by your Sweat! And this is the possible reason which could have damaged my iPhone!

I suggest you to use iPhone carefully while in situation that could introduce liquids. Sweats from your palm could also trigger the sensors! Just be careful.

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5 Responses to “iPhone waterlog sensor”

  1. Maulik Says:

    thnx for the info i didn’t knew tht

  2. ybt Says:

    there are two of them one by the headphone jack and the other one at the bottom. I had a guy at AT&T tell me about them.

  3. ifonehacks Says:

    Oh ok I knew there was one in the headphone jack.

  4. Sunny Says:

    Now thats a good find, I have seen such sensors in Motorola’s genrally (behind battery in V3),

    however, anyidea if this is also present in 1st Gen iPhone? iPod touch? iPods nano / classic?

  5. spooky Says:

    Yes, yes. ALL mobile phones have moisture sensors. Normal care will prevent them registering moisture and voiding your warranty. I have had four defective iPhones–all replaced promptly by Apple. None showed water damage. The one phone I ever had show moisture damage (I knew it–I dropped it in water but didn’t know Nokia could tell that) was a Nokia that Nokia helpfully sent me pictures of both the tripped sensors (white stickers that turn pink with moisture) AND the short circuits in the phone the moisture caused. Give it up, man. Your phone was exposed to moisture or the sensors would NOT trip.

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