Apr 22

deximlogo“Put Your Dreams In Life!”… We got our hands on the AV Dock Station with Remote Control from Dexim. The docking experience just shifted a level higher, because docking can be more than charging only. Read further to see our complete review on this product.

dockFirst impression
Second Dexim product that meets the “IF Testing Lab”. This is one of the products for which we are glad we bought the iPhone. As soon as the box opens, twinkles are rising in our eyes… NICE stuff !

Second opinion
Allthough this Dock Station has been made originaly for the iPod, it works also with the iPhone. Just one minor setback… Apple does not allow to switch between you local music and Youtube video’s on the iPhone, only to browse and control the native files. So, to be able to enjoy your video’s or photo’s on the screen, you’ll need to get up and browse manualy to these files before you’ll be able to see them popping up on your television.

dra107-2The charger comes with nice gold/black cables which results in a very good quality send from the iPhone/iPod to you television.

When talking about charging your beloved gadget you’ll be glad to hear that within an hour your iPhone / iPod is fully charged and ready to use again. The charger has a light on top that tells you that your hardware is well docked and whether it’s charged or not.

To finish… we cannot forget the nice compact & modern design. Good looking grey/black design really puts the cherry on the pie. Dexim, another job well done !

We hope to see some improvement when looking at the restricted Remote Controlling, but anyhow… this product definitely get’s a high 9 out of 10 according to our jury :)

Some extra notes
Apple inserts optional fit for various models of iPod and iPhone, offering close-fitting protection.
You like their products ? Discover them at http://www.dexim.net

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    Has anybody bought this i was thinkin of buying

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