Apr 19

Early this year we witnessed launch of the iPhone 3.0 OS beta. Apple showcased the new features and possibilities of 3.0 and developers around the world got some more details out of the new OS.

Also, we got ideas out of the patent applications filled by Apple for the future enhancement to iPhone. Like front Camera, 5 mega pixel camera on the back, Biometric security features etc.

I really don’t know about the above features, but I’m sure we can expect some cool features with iPhone 3.0 OS being launched this Summer, as Apple announced.

The idea just after the launch was that Apple has given out all the basic feature which was supposed to be there right when iPhone was first launched. But now, gradually the outlook is being changed. We can expect some real advanced play right away. Now that we can not expect Front camera, or better quality camera very soon, we got to wait for the next iPhone hardware launch which is being manufactured according to the rumors.

I would specially like to talk about the hardware+software integration which was show cased earlier. This awesome feature has evolved from no where. The rumor guys never thought about it. Apple just kicked this time. Remember the blood sugar measuring device which was connected to iPhone for monitoring was show cased on 3.0 launch, it’s really impossible to think what could be coming.

Right now, iPhone is not just a phone or a source of entertainment, it’s an all-rounder. We play games, get entertained, news, informations, work etc and we make calls as well. And in future, it is going to be lot more and it’s hard to imagine what’s coming!

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  1. toNYc311 Says:

    With new phones like the Palm Pre being launched soon and other phones like the G1 already on the market it’s absolutely wonderful the competition that this will bring into the arena. I for one will be sticking with iPhone of course. But I think that Apple will finally have the opportunity to really show off the latter half of the year as well as next year. CAN’T WAIT!

    Looking forward to the new hardware upgraded iPhone 3G 32Gigabyte. Selling my current model 3G 16Gigabyte when the new one is released. XD

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