Apr 15

griffin_logoWe got our hands on the Elan Form Chrome from Griffin Technology. Combine protection and elegance around your iPhone. Read further to see our complete review on this product.

First impression
“Sometimes all you need is slim, pocketable protection. Elan Form’s simple two-piece shell snaps snug around your iPhone 3G. This slender shell’s design bonds top-grain leather to hard-shell polycarbonate to encase your iPhone 3G in two layers of protection.” Nicely said, isn’t it ? well.. what does reality tell us ? Let’s wrap the case around our iPhone and see what it gives…

Second opinion
Done… I took us about 5 seconds to put on the case. The case is nicely wrapped around the phone and fits suprisingly well… very well in fact. You just need to make sure that both parts of the case are perfectly touching each other in the back.

p1000377Now, I hear you thinking, why the hell does this case come in 2 pieces ? Simple, the creators thought about everything. With this case, which is build on the EasyDock Technology, you can easily dock your iPhone to charge, without having to remove the complete case. You just slide of the bottom part and dock it. How easy can it get !

Last but not least, what about easy to handle ? Many cases encounter the same problem, and unfortunatly this one has the same small issue. The “Mute”-button on the side is not that easy reachable, but then again… It’s not really unreachable at all, and this little detail should not be a reason not to buy it.

Besides some minor imperfections when looking at the finishing touch of it, this case certainly gets a 8 out of 10. Mostly because of the geniality of creating a case that has a EasyDock Technology.


Some extra notes
This case comes with a screen protection film and cleaning cloth.
Buy this case in our own store
Discover more products on http://www.griffintechnology.com

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3 Responses to “Gadgets Reviewed! : Griffin – Elan Form Chrome Case”

  1. brianxstatic Says:

    I own the non chrome version of this case. I have had it for around two months or so and it is a pretty durable case. I was mad when some sort of pocket debris got into the case and when I went to routinely remove the caseand clean the lint and dust that collects in the case from daily use, I got a huge scratch in the back plastic. It is nothing effecting the use of the phone but it’s not pretty. I would be even more upset if I wasn’t already planning to upgrade to the new iPhone when the new one is released. In case anyone is wondering the case will not fit if a full body invisible shield is installed. I have the invisible shield installed on the screen and the case fits fine.

  2. BENNY Says:

    Where did you buy this one ? It’s nice

  3. brianxstatic Says:

    Best buy

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