Apr 09

readitRead It Later will download offline copies of your pages so you can still view webpages when you are offline or in airplane mode.

The iPhone app also syncs with your account, meaning if you add a page at home, at work, or with the Firefox extension, you can read it on your phone or vice versa.

Little Time Saving Details:

* Remembers your scroll position on every page, for every view
* Ability to download specific articles web or text views individually
* Downloads Offline content in the background so you can read in the meantime
* No limit on number of articles
* Save links to your list directly from the reader view
* PDF Support (Online only, Offline coming in next update along with .doc, .xls, and .ppt)
* Scroll to top of page by tapping the top of the status bar as in Mobile Safari
* Option to include offline data in iTunes backups
* Multiple font choices for text view

Price: Free
App Store: Read It LaterRead It Later Pro ($2.99 – 2,39€)


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