Apr 02

bitesms-logoNow a days, having a jailbroken iPhone is a must, let see a simple example for sms function for iPhone, no ability to forward sms, no ability to delete single sms and let alone QuickReply and QuickCompose. You must be wondering what are QR and QC? well if you’re familiar with iRealSMS, QuickSMS or whatsoever, these app already have this function, but lately biteSMS as one of the competitor of SMS app for jailbroken iPhones, just launched a big update 3.2 (beta 2a) which included QuickReply and QuickCompose

The UI it self is pretty cause of the similar looks with iPhone stock SMS.app with *of course* a bunch of PLUS points

img_0002 img_0004 img_0003 img_0005 img_00061 img_0007

Beta Repo: http://www.bitesms.com/cydia/beta3.2

– Bulit-in Backgrounder
– QuickReply and QuickCompose
– Smiley function
– Insert contact and location
– Similar UI with stock SMS.app
– Character counter
– Privacy fuction (to hide sms display)

– You need to pay to use (either pay one time license to use for life / buy bitesms credit for 1 year license)
– QuickCompose doesn’t work on LockScreen

5 Responses to “[Update] BiteSMS with QuickCompose”

  1. pw1500 Says:


    What winterboard theme / interface is used in these screenshots?

  2. ifonehacks Says:

    Wow that’s sweet. I’ve been looking for a way to message faster when in an app. I was also wondering what that theme is in the screenshot. I like it.

  3. falcon212 Says:

    its MobileMe Full iPhone GUI, you can get it here http://tinyurl.com/dzolsa

  4. sick Says:

    what theme constains the icons?

  5. brikz Says:

    yeah, but i realqicksms lets you do it from the lockscreen. this one doesn’t. That’s a deal breaker.

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