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mophielogoWe got our hands on the Hard Case from Mophie. Moments of clarity are no longer a surprise. Made of the highest quality polycarbonate, the mophie hard case for iPhone 3G offers the ultimate protection and still shows off its good looks! Just snap your shinny iPhone 3G into the hard case and it has an overprotective buddy for life. Read further to see our complete review on this product.

First impression
What? A transparent case for the iPhone 3G… No way!
I think this was one of the packages we unwrapped the fastest of them all. Lets put this case to the test. 10 seconds later my “shiny” Iphone was enjoying it’s new jacket.

Second opinion
hard-case_iphone3g_front_60_large1This version of the case, because Mophie also has the Hard Case Plus (which has a extra protection layer in front of the screen itself), wraps your iPhone quite firm and leaves enough space for the side & top buttons, speakers, charging part. Even the volume button is easily accessible, which was one of our concerns…but, no problem there. But… yeah, there’s always a but, must be a nasty habbit I have or something like that :) No, really… there are a few setbacks for this case.

hc-ip3g-clr_back_front_600_large1 Mind, when wrapping your iphone with this case to be sure that your phone has been thoroughly cleaned on all sites, because once you “packed” your phone, you’ll see every bit of dirt, smudge, whipe, or whatever that is stuck between the case and the phone. Which brings us to the second setback… It must be some kind of trick I guess, but you need patient to remove the case again. After trying several times I handed over my phone to my colleague who suggested smashing it on the floor. Due to the fact that I did not actualy fancy that idea we continued trying to remove the case.
After a few minutes, about 10 or 15 of them, we managed to free the iPhone from the case.


The one thing we did not want to try out is how would the case react when the iPhone drops on the floor ?
Our thoughts ? well, I assume the case would pop open when hitting the floor, putting your iPhone in danger of beeing damaged. Allthough we also take in account that it took as a while before beeing able to open the case… so for now, this question remains unanswered. But, feel free to inform us if you know the answer to this question :)

Afterall, I would promote this case. it really keeps the general look and feel of the Iphone as is and on top of that the case does give protection the the Iphone. If I would get an answer on the mystery-question, I would even more pleased by this product, unless the answer would be negative of course :)

Some extra notes
Mophie has several nice accesoires for the iPod, iPhone & iPhone 3G. Discover all their products on http://www.mophie.com

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