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We got our hands on 3 protection films from Elago. In this review we will point out the good and less good things about the Smudge Free, Crystal Clear & Privacy Protection films. Read further to see our complete review on this product.

First impression
Everybody that owns an iPhone knows the neverending cleaning issue. Trying to find that one good cleaning tissue without having to rub the screen several minutes to get it clean. After receiving a bunch of protection films that actualy did not work out as well as they should, we did not really have high hopes for these. So, with a little bit of doubt we started to open up the, nicely wrapped, protection films, one by one…

Second opinion
elago_crystalclearfilmFirst one in line, the Smudge Free film. Placing the film on the iPhone was not that easy as we thought. Allthough the film is quite firm we did not manage to remove all the bubbles that were stuck between the iPhone and the film. If you have some time left, you could try the credit card trick… inch by inch… trying to remove the bubbles :). Besides the bubbles, the protection film did serve well for a while, but it seem to scratch very easily… so we did not enjoy the Crystal Clear view as long as we would have liked.

privacyprotectionSecond in line, the Privacy Protection film… the one i’m still using on my iPhone is very easy to place. I had some bubbles at first, but after a few days they were gone. This film brings down the brightness of your screen a bit, but on the other hand it’s really helping you to have some privacy. People really need to look over your shoulder to be able to see what’s on your screen. So… very nice film. After a few weeks I noticed that the film already had some scratches, but due to the fact that it is not a reflecting film you can hardly see them. And, i’m happy those scratches are not on my screen :)

smudgefreeThird in line, the Smudge Free film. Placement is quite the same as the Crystal Clear film and in fact the bubble issue too. When looking at the main goal of this film we were not that overwhelmed about the “no smudges”-thingie. Ok, smudges were a bit less than without the film, but you still need to clean the film anyway.

Very important remark is that the films are produced with an innovative silicon based adhesive that won’t leave a sticky residue when removed and reduces the appearance of air pockets when applied.
The main goal of these films is afterall protecting your iPhone screen from scratches, and in fact they all succeed in this. After comparing the 3 different films on 3 different iPhones, I’ve personaly chosen the Privacy Protection film, because this one seems to last the longest.

Some extra notes
Elago does not only have protection films for the iPhone, the have a wide range of products for all you iPhone freakz :) … Discover all their products on http://www.elagodesign.com

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