Mar 30

logo1We got our hands on the iPhone 3G Outdoor / Strap Slim Vertical Case from Beyzacases. Allthough the iPhone is already a very hightech gadget you can easily walk around with a extra stylish and classy touch. Read further to see our complete review on this product.

First impression
When buying Beyzacases products you’ll receive a very nicely wrapped item. our case was even inside a nice little white linnen bag. But of course we were more interested in the content inside that bag. Maybe it’s due to the fact that i’m not such a classy guy, But I did not fancy the design of the case that much. So, I’m moved on to the testing part.

Second opinion
beyza3One of the first things that catched my attention were the little holes in the bottom of the case. Made me wonder why they were there. First idea ? Must have something to do with the sound, to avoid blocking the speakers volume. But then again, even without the holes you still can here the ringtone well enough. We checked the website of Beyzacases and we actualy did a right guess, allthough we think that these holes are also handy to avoid that the iPhone gets stuck inside due to lack of air. Anyway… now we know the answer on the “why”-question :)

bz05093-back11I noticed, when removing the iPhone from the case, that the film on my screen was slightly scratched. When looking inside the case the cause of this was quickly reveiled. The inside stiches to hold the strap are unfortunately causing this. You could solve this issue in 2 different ways :
1. Putting the iPhone backwards, facing the strap.
2. Put a protection film on the screen.
But then again, real iPhone freakz already have a protection film on the screen, so this should not be a problem for them. Others, well.. if you buy this case, mind this minor setback for this case.


Last detail. Maybe it’s wise to put the iPhone up side down, because during the testperiod i received a phonecall and I accidently hung up the phone when I tried to take out the iPhone. The strap is not really pushing the iPhone high enough, which causes you to push the volume button on the side while taking it out. Putting it up side down solved this problem, but on the other hand it creates some other ones. You’re no longer able to put your headphones, you can’t change the volume and the bottom connectors are exposed. So, it’s your call :)

This case did not really impress me that much, but that’s again a personal thought. lucky enough Beyzacases has a very wide range of cases, so after some browsing trough their side, I’m convinced I would find something that would get my attention.

Some extra notes
Beyzacases does not only have cases for iPhones, they also support lots of other hardware. Are you a MacBook, Ipod or iPhone owner ? Discover all their products on

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