Mar 23

logo1We got our hands on some Slim Fit Cases for the iPhone 3G series from Elago. The Elago Slim Fit Cases are carefully designed and constructed with durable and harmless material Polycarbonate.
Read further to see our complete review on this product.

First impression
At first, after unpacking the covers we thought, well… just another iPhone case, quickly produced to get a piece of the pie. The covers did not seem to be solid and break resistant. We even had some doubt if we would actualy review this item


Second opinion
After testing for a few weeks we soon discovered that these cases are quite resistant when it comes to scratches and breaking. The cases are Polyurethane coated to protect from scratches and for better grip. On top of that the cases are a perfect fit for the iPhone 3G. It’s clear that the manufactor of these cases thought about every little detail.




These guys took care about the dificulty to reach the mute-button. The case is nicely curved so it would not block to button at anytime. The same goes for the area around the speakers, volume- & power on-buttons & headphone plug.
Due to the colored variety of cases and the good quality I would surely recomment this case, unless you need something that is completely wrapping your iPhone.

Some extra notes
For the mac-lovers among us (probably a lot)… Elago has several nice gadgets for a range of mac hardware, take a look at their website : Elago website

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