Mar 15
img_0001Google this week has just updated its Google Image Search interface for Safari on the iPhone. It’s finally starting to shape up as a rugged web app now. The

main interface sees changes to the labeling of the images: gone are the long, useless original URLs and image titles. Now, all that’s left are the plain pictures themselves, smartly tiled to fill the iPhone’s small yet seemingly spacious display.

When you tap on a picture to see it in full, again gone are the long URLs, etc., and instead you are met with a CoverFlow-like  horizontal scrolling interface. One image is seen at a time, with the adjacent images peeking to the left and right sides.


Flicking your finger left or right scrolls with the iPhone-native inertial scroll that we’ve all come to love. The scroll is also surprisingly smooth. You’d expect a webapp like this to be laggy. But of course, this is dear ol’ Google we’re talking about.


When flipped over to landscape mode, the CoverFlow interface gets even more beautiful and more efficient. Comparing the landscape and the portrait modes, it can be seen that the guys over at Google designed this webapp with landscape mode in mind, as although also nice, the latter seems a little bit clumsier.


Clicking “View full size” is self-explanatory, and brings you away from the main web app interface.

Well, that’s it for now. What are your opinions of this new interface?

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