Mar 10

inav_previewiNav is a new winterboard theme that will soon be released in the ModMyi repository, the theme radically changes your iPhone and iPod looks. The release date of the first iNave winterboard beta will probably be 11.03.2009. Hit the break to see some videos of it in action.

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33 Responses to “iNav (spectacular winterboard theme)”

  1. Krivo666 Says:

    I think this will be first paid theme but it’s absolutely amazing theme. I wonder if there will be option to customize look of theme. I can’t wait till tommorrow.

  2. jonny Says:

    the way the iphone should be???? no that version sucks balls

  3. anon Says:

    Perhaps the iPhone SHOULD suck balls? After all, it’s rather nice to get sucked ;)

  4. Mr.C Says:

    Do not like it either.

  5. Wesley Says:

    This is a theme? Looks like a SpringBoard replacement (like the shells that replace explorer on Windows).

    I didn’t like it, too much work to open an application. I’m still waiting for TapSB.

  6. john Says:

    i hate it… its like windows 3.1 :D

  7. tatum Says:

    It’s good. No one can say it’s not. It’s got a nice ‘shine’ to the graphics. It seems slick and responsive.
    However, i would say the top level is a bit windows media-ish. Kinda vista-ish and as a mac user i just couldnt bring myself to use it for that reason.
    I noticed a 2nd level (games folder). I don’t like the idea of have to go into folders… i’ve tried it and it takes ages to set up, then you do a software restore and you have to spend all that time downloading, installing and setting up stuff ( and that is hard enough with a macbook pro (DFU probs that the posted workarounds don’t seem to work)

    I look forward to testing it out though (even if it does cost)… as most iphone/apple geeks would (i’m included in that comment btw)

  8. anon Says:

    Yeah, but he wears a cool hat and almost look like a gangsta! ;)

  9. totushi Says:

    dont like the theme it self but i think it has a great potencial.. a new SB maybe some tweaking

  10. feff Says:

    what is tapSB

  11. Wesley Says:


  12. feff Says:

    i like it but i dont like the PS3 logo for games

  13. GSUS Says:

    I really want to have this? Can’t we get like a pre-beta version ;)

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  15. feff Says:

    is it supposed to come out today, march 11 2009 or november 3 2009

  16. Reeco Says:

    Hi guys, just to clarify my theme wont cost anything its completely free. I know this theme wont be right for everyone, but as long as a few people enjoy it. my jobs done :)

    Private Beta Testing Will Begin Tomorrow. 12/03/2009



  17. Adam Says:

    How can I join the Private Beta Testing team

  18. Sven Says:

    I am interested to join the beta as well :-)

  19. GSUS Says:

    Yeah so am I, does somebody know how to join the Beta Team?



  20. Drag Says:

    Yea where do we sign up

  21. Reeco Says:

    Themes now released

    Enjoy :)

  22. sha Says:

    Silly question. So how do I install this on my jailbroken iphone from the above link It looks like a .zip file

  23. sha Says:

    Never mind instruction are listed in the zip file.

  24. buxterhuderbomber Says:

    Hey habe es hinbekommen und eine Anleitung dafür gemacht in DEUTSCH.
    Suche auf YouTube nach iNav Theme Deutsch und gut Bewerten war ein haufen Arbeit.
    Bitte schön !!!

  25. buxterhuderbomber Says:

    es ist auf YouTube eine Anleitung von mir gemacht gib dort einfach inav ein und du wirst sie sehen !!!

  26. Adam Says:

    I Love This Theme!! Fuck Yeah!!!

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  28. john Says:

    very good theme

  29. buck Says:


  30. AllTechRelated Says:

    If you guys like this theme you should check out the mods of it:

  31. austin Says:

    how do you get into your settings after you have inav set up? can’t find how to get in—other than that everything seems perfect.

  32. Lucy Says:

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