Mar 05

ratingsSaurik is working on finalizing a upgrade to Cydia. This upgrade to Cydia will incorporate a Cydia Store. Saurik officialy announced it on 360|idev. See his twitters shouts after the break.

Just nailed the official announcement of the Cydia Store at 360|iDev, complete with demo of social packaging: comments via Facebook Connect!

The Cydia Store is about providing a simpler billing channel to buy the already commercial applications in Cydia, like Snapture.

As soon as we know of any more news we will update you.

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5 Responses to “Cydia Store official announcment by Saurik”

  1. Snam Says:

    The jailbreaking community is becoming more and more useless (in terms of apps) as everything is going to the appstore and only apps like Snapture is available through jailbreak. With the introduction of the Cydia Store, nothing worth having is going to be free any more. I miss the days of 1.1.4 Sigh.

  2. toNYc311 Says:

    Needless to say I still think jailbreaking is worthwhile for theming purposes. I like being able to theme MY iPhone the way I want NOT the way APPLE wants. For that very reason alone is worth the jailbreak. As for everything else, well, if anyone feels it’s not worth it then we all have our opinions. Nothing wrong with that. ;)

  3. Snam Says:

    That is true. But I’m thinking that they are less reasons to jailbreak everyday. It used to be cool to have a hacked iPod touch with Super Mario Bros on the GBA simulator, but now with all the apps in the Appstore available to everyone, it just isn’t as cool as it used to be. There are now less things specific for jailbreak. But it doesn’t mean I won’t do it, just not as often.

  4. freegadgets4you Says:

    I thought the whole point of cydia was that it was free? oh well… hope Installer will be like it used to be.

  5. Jeronimo Says:

    If you wanna make money post your apps at Apple App Store , leave Cydia free !!!

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