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1WiFi Joker is a upcoming app in Cydia that will allow you to basically break wifi networks so you can join them with your iPhone. The exact description from the developers site is: WiFi Joker, an application that lets you connect to password- protected WiFi networks on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch.

For now not very much information is available on the home-site. There are some screenshots + and a video (embedded below).

The developer will give a live demonstration tomorrow which you can follow on this page.

Wi-Fi Joker is said to be able to break WEP and WPA networks, although WPA is not yet working. Release date should be by the end of this month.

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35 Responses to “Cydia – WiFi Joker (network hacking)”

  1. Chris Says:

    Grr…..I don’t like this at all, what are we supposed to do to protect our wireless networks?

  2. EZ Says:

    this looks like REGGIE network was the network without password and the two(2) first ones that u pressed were the networks that required a passwored and that is why the message OOPS!!! appeared
    is it bullshit i dont know ,can it e the end of an era? MAYBE
    goodluck on it guys

  3. 14 Says:

    hmm this app has been leaked i believe on the same website where i found this leak of spinboard!!

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  5. bob Says:

    Lock down your wireless by MAC address. Pretty simple.

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  7. 14 Says:

    there actually saying the leak is completely bogus. I don’t know if that means it’s just a joke or there gonna actually release it EVENTUALLY

  8. Sam Says:

    when can we get it in cydia?

  9. someone Says:

    This is fake ! I disassembled the leaked version there’s just nothing in there but an interface that says wrong username or password, no connection to

  10. someone Says:

    […] a remote sever. There’s also a file called WEP-RN-BW.hash (9.7 mb) with the same hash (fb6f4a04a309297e385a5968fac226d0) repeated over and over to make the app bigger.
    The iPhone wifi chip doesn’t have the capability to be in monitor mode, required for WEP cr4cring.

    This is just a big joke to show how naive people are…

  11. frame Says:

    im glad im the one who published it :-)
    im so happy to see people using it because i uploaded it :)
    final release will rock!

  12. frame Says:

    sorry for my english, im from Poland.
    pozdrawiam wszystkich polaków ;p

  13. Nick Says:

    Yes this was a joke. The app was complete bogus and a way to see how naive people are.

  14. thatsnasty Says:

    check out their website, it was a joke

  15. sam Says:

    ummm. spoofing?

  16. April baby Says:

    April fools

  17. Kandamun Says:

    It is 04.Mar, so they are just fools.

  18. Dre Says:

    A few Linux distributions already do exactly what this lil program is attempting.. Wpa and wep is a joke…

  19. aj Says:

    too protest ur wirless u just get a dongle with o2 or stutin because there not wifi so they canot be found by any thing simple lol

  20. 111 Says:

    The name wifi “joke”er

  21. Taii Says:

    wpa2 passcodes …

  22. et Says:

    haha yea

  23. jeetu Says:

    i have wi-fi joker
    but comming tht msg
    ( please login to your wifi joker beta account you will only have to do this once)

    plzz help me how to get login id ?


  24. Lucas Says:

    Its not a joke, you download it from , but i don’t understand the beta account?

  25. ]-[4PY ]-[4}{ Says:

    … Is there really people that desperate out there it’s sad, use your comp to gain a access key.

  26. BOB! Says:

    Everyone here, this app comes out MARCH 4th 2011! So untill than just wait, cos leaked things are never as good as originals so shut up and be patient.

  27. Bill Says:

    I think it will be awesome. But where can I download it?

  28. bob Says:

    nope not out yet

  29. Costas Says:

    I download files but not an .ipa for iphone.Is there missing something or this thing is just a joke???

  30. Costas Says:

    if this thing is true plz someone drop me a mail with info or a link.I am writing from an internet caffee so… iwill loose my data and access here.Thanks

  31. Dennis Says:

    I think these are the best methods currently available till this app comes out: Video shows a suite of apps that can be used to hack wifi on the iphone.

  32. Ammar.k Says:

    how i can dawnload it

  33. This Guy Says:

    Something about noobs on forums. Can we try and use proper spelling, ar awr we alljust foar yeers owld!?

    That is all.

  34. the hacke adict Says:

    oooooooooooooooo yééééééééééééééhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby that’s a good news

  35. Junaid Ahmed Says:

    nice and well done.
    useful info.

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