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tap-tap-revenge-2We already posted some news regarding the new Tap tap revenge 2 app and today i’m happy to announce that it has been released in the app store. Tap Tap Revenge 2 features more than 150 free downloadable tracks and the developer will continue to add tracks every week. Hit the break for more information:

A Ton of New Music

Right off the bat, Tap Tap Revenge 2 comes with more than 150 free downloadable tracks, and we’ll continue to add great new tracks every week. The three bundled tracks in the game are some of our favorites. Death Cab for Cutie’s “The Sound of Settling“ is supremely catchy and super fun to play. Stroke 9 went into the studio to write and record Tap Tap DomiNation, the hot new title track for Tap Tap Revenge 2. We’re pretty sure you won’t be able to get the song out of your head, so we’ve released the track as a single on iTunes.

We are delighted to announce that The Crystal Method is premiering “Double Down Under,” a track from their upcoming album, months before you can get it anywhere else. A short mix is included in the game, and for the real junkies there is a long mix in the download catalog.

“We’re excited to be premiering one of the tracks from our new album Divided by Night through Tap Tap Revenge. We’re both loyal iPhone users and appreciate how the rise of apps and games like Tap Tap Revenge has created new ways for people to interact with our music.” — Ken & Scott, The Crystal Method

To offer you this terrific selection of songs, we have partnered with a number of labels and publishers, including INgrooves, DashGo, Vagrant Records, Primary Wave, Quango, 10th Street Entertainment, Photofinish Records, and Downtown Music.

“Vagrant is very excited to begin working with Tapulous. We feel that a game like Tap Tap Revenge, with its already massive user base, will be extremely valuable in introducing our artists to a highly relevant and engaged audience.” — Jeremy Maciak, Head of New Media, Vagrant Records

“Tap Tap Revenge is a great way to actively engage and interact with your favorite music. The game provides a fun and easy way to discover new music directly through your iPhone. At INgrooves, we are all excited to make our music available to Tapulous and especially to be premiering a brand new track from The Crystal Method, off their new album which we’ll release in May.” – Robb McDaniels, CEO & Founder, INgrooves

More Fun For Everyone

Tap Tap Revenge 2 sports a hot new look and feel. In-game we offer a 3D experience where the feedback and the colors get wilder as you do well in the game. Multi-tap, tap & hold and instant tap feedback make the game more challenging and fun at the higher levels. Speaking of which, even the most avid players will find a good challenge with the new Extreme tracks, and for the little ones, we’ve added Kids Mode, where everyone’s a winner.

We’ve also added a simple Career mode. Right now it’s mostly a set of Achievements, but we’re connecting it to your online rank, and you can grab a widget to show off your achievements to your friends on your blog, MySpace and elsewhere. In the coming months, Career Mode will get even richer.

Price : Free

Direct iTunes Download

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