Mar 02

onemorethingSome websites are reporting that Apple will host a new media event on march 24th. Presumably the event will show us new hardware like the iMac and most probably the new Mac Mini and also the Mac Pro. The news comes from 2 independant sources that i personally haven’t heared from but the bigger sites like Engadget + Macrumors have picked it up.

Macrumors quotes:

Of the releases, the iMac and Mac mini are expected to be smaller bumps that may not warrant a full media event. The Mac Pro, however, is expected to incorporate a major architectual jump with the adoption of Intel’s Nehalem processors. Intel is also conveniently launching Mac Pro suitable Nehalem processors at the end of March. And in a final piece of related news, the latest Mac OS X 10.5.7 developer seeds has been revealed to already “fully” support the Nehalem processors.

So it’s highly likely that we will see the line being refreshed any time soon.

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