Feb 22

stackA couple of days ago iPhoneFreakz informed you about the pending release of Stack 2.2. Well it appears as stack 2.2 will never see daylight as the developer Steven decided to stop development. Why? Hit the break for more information.

Steven decided to stop the development of Stacks due to 1 reason, and that’s called piracy. Steven has some app’s up in the app store, namely Lights Off and Speed, and he was using these to finance the development of Stack. However as the sales have been dropping giganticaly due to the piracy of paniK and others.
iPhoneFreakz has never condoned piracy and therefore i truly regret that good Cydia developers are stopping cause of this.
Therefore i would ask all of you to buy these cheap app’s so Steven can keep developing Stack 2.2.

Check his blog for more information here.

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  1. Emenike Says:

    I can't believe it!!! Stacks was one of the best third party apps that i have seen and i was looking forward to its further development such as the ones that were coming out. To quote Florida on Good Times "DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!"

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