Feb 21

minivmac3For all the people who like to run some old MacOS apps on their iPhone a new emulator called Mini vMac has been released into Cydia. Mini vMac has the option to load disk images and just about everything else retro for MacOS.

The OS, developed by Named Fork, is based around that found on the Mac Plus (v3.0, presumably). Check the video for some more information.

Admittedly, it looks like more work than it probably is, especially since you have to track down and convert the retro software yourself (more info here). But if I can play some Number Crunchers, and maybe a little Lode Runner, I’d gladly suffer some tedium to revisit my childhood technological awakening.

Add the namedfork.net repository to Cydia (in More Sources) and it will show up in the Emulation section.


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  1. K.D.G Says:

    it work on OS??? Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X = 10….???

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