Feb 19

amberalert3Jonathan Zdziarski, well known iPhone hacker and creator of the first iPhone forensics toolkit is readying a new application called AMBER alert.Amber alert is a network (amberalert.com) where you can report seeing missing children.I’ll take the official webpage information from Jonathan site:

AMBER Alert is the official iPhone AMBER Alert notification tool for AMBERalert.com. AMBER Alerts are issued whenever a missing child case is granted AMBER status and has been used to aide in the recovery of missing children. The iPhone application provides a real-time feed of recent alerts including victim photos and information, suspect photos and descriptions, vehicle photos and descriptions, and a reporting mechanism allowing you to report a sighting.

The iPhone’s GPS is used to include your current GPS position with your sighting report, allowing AMBERalert.com to create a geographical search radius based on the number and pattern of reports in a specific location. This provides for smarter policing and can help filter false positives. The information is forwarded to the appropriate state patrol barracks where it can be responded to in a much faster fashion than traditional phone call screening.

AMBER Alert is also available to iPhone application developers who would like to make their application AMBER Aware, and can run as a background task to periodically check for new alerts. This allows your application to provide the functionality it does now, but also have the added benefit of notifying your users of critical missing child alerts. You can help save lives with your iPhone application simply by making it AMBER Aware. A number of different techniques can be used ranging from flashing an icon (example) on the navigation bar to popping up a dialogue.

Price: Free!
Coming Soon in the app store
Jonathan’s home site

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