Feb 18

ppvideoenabler-1PPVideoEnabler is a a simple utility that enables upload of .mov video files shot with both Cycorder & iPhone Video Recorder directly from your iPhone to different social networks.

PPVideoEnabler is based on the App Store application Pixelpipe and is currently supporting upload of video to the following:

Acrobat.com, box.net, Buzznet, Email, flickr, FotoTime, Friendfeed, FTP, Hyves.nt, identi.ca*, imeem, ipernity, Jaiku*, Kodak Gallery, kwippy*, kyte, Nokia Ovi, Phanfare, photobucket, Ping.fm*, Plerb*, Rejaw*, Seesmic, Smugmug, Twitter*, Viddler, vimeo, Vox & YouTube.

* Provides link back to landing page

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PPVideoEnabler is available in the catergory “MultiMedia” of Cydia through the ModMyi repo.

App Store: Pixelpipe
Price: Free

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5 Responses to “Cydia – PPVideoEnabler”

  1. Lungfishted Says:

    One problem, no matter where i look i cannot find PPVideoEnabler, any suggestions as to why?

  2. Lungfishted Says:

    I can’t find the download on Cydia that is ~

  3. Ugh Says:

    I can’t find it either. Help!

  4. KEI Says:

    Yea, me too. I can’t find PPVideoEnabler.
    Can I get its deb file? Or where can I get that?

  5. k hirmis Says:

    i have the same problem hellppppp!!!!!!

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