Feb 17

case4The Barely There is Case-mate’s new line of sporty cases for the iPhone 3G. These cases are designed to protect the design of the iPhone 3g while allowing more of it to show.

* Extremely slim profile
* Impact resistant flexible plastic shell
* Covers the back and corners of the iPhone
* Not compatible with the Hipster, Naked and Signature Holsters

handsfree1Featuring the already outstanding Blue Vision full duplex sound quality, the Blue Vision II now comes in a much sleeker package, features no less than 24 hours talk time and comes with a unique, wireless remote control.

The Blue Vision II offers excellent sound quaility thanks to the full duplex communication (Speak and listen at the same time.) It also has DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology for echo cancellation and background noise reduction and the powerful 2 Watt speaker puts out clear and crisp sound.

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