Feb 15

firemintYesterday i received some news from Firemint regarding their upcoming Real Racing iPhone game. The game is still in beta and not released but the video after the break will show you what we can expect. Hit the break for more details.

  • Up to 6 cars on screen
  • Animated cockpit with driver and instruments showing race data
  • Touch on right to accelerate. on Left to brake
  • Licensed songs, different types of vehicle types
  • Realistic physics and collision response
  • Camera button to switch views
  • Different AI personalities

Alex from Firemint also informed us that they do have a lot of experience in the racing game world:

Also, you guys might be interested to hear that we have quite a long pedigree of racing games on mobile, including The Fast & the Furious: Pink Slip iPhone and mobile versions, as well as F&F: Fugitive and FIA World Rally Championship on mobile.

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