Feb 12

xgps1Some days ago iPhoneFreakz informed you of the upcoming xGPS 1.2 release. Well the developers responded to the youtube video showing the Voice instructions and they’ve responded with a really extensive blog about all the new functions they will implement for the release of xGPS 1.2. Hit the break to see all the news:

  • Bookmarks for saved directions now work correctly. Save all the bookmarks you want in an improved way.
  • GPX logging now works correctly. Save GPX data into multiple logs. Logs will be saved per calculated trips, and now adds the proper end carriage. Go ahead, track yourself and improve open maps!
  • Current Location and Recompute Itinerary now work correctly. For those areas where it didnt work before, i.e. USA, your location status now works. There is no more “you have to have a hard address”. Plot your destination and roll out.
  • Wrong Way indicator can now be hidden, should you feel adventurous during your routing, or need to make an extra stop!
  • Map Manager on the iPhone Stability.
  • Overall program stability and performance upgrades.

For all the updates, improvements, and fixes that have been included into this release, there have also, and probably the most exciting, been some expansion of the xGPS Program! What’s new to xGPS this time around?…:

  • Wireless Transfer of your map files. No longer do you have to dig around your iPhones directory to find your map file or put it in the right place. Simply download your maps from your computer and wirelessly push them to the xGPS program on your iPhone. It’s that easy!
  • Google Terrain Maps are now supported and added as another option for maps. All your hikers, bikers, and adventurers can enjoy this!
  • GPS Information. Access your GPS’s Lat/Long specs as well as Altitude and Speed of your unit and sent it by email.
  • English Voice instructions are now supported. Now included is the ability to receive verbal commands on your next turn as you approach it.
  • Night Mode for all you road warriors traveling across the country all all hours of the night! A new, easy view for the eyes when driving at night!
  • Access your GPX traces on your computer using a normal web-browser using the Wireless Transfer feature.

The xGPS Maps Manager has also new name: xGPS Manager. With a new name, a new software. The manage has thus been rewritten from scratch and now includes those new exciting new features:

  • Name your map sections and keep them organized. When downloading maps you can now name each region, allowing you to know what you downloaded, at what zoom levels, and its size.
  • Ability to download multiple zoom levels at a time now added.
  • Keep drawn region outline when download of map is finished, should you want to download another zoom level or Terrain Maps of the same region!
  • Option to show regions already downloaded.
  • Google Terrain Maps is now supported.
  • Wirelessly push and retrieve your device maps.
  • Manage and sync GPX Routes from your iPhone/Computer and show them plotted on a map.

As you can see, a lot has gone into the next installment of the xGPS iPhone Application! We here at Xwaves are trying to give you the most complete and user friendly mappin solution for your iPhone.

As always, we couldn’t do this without you guys, our community. We want to thank you all for your support, input, and debugging of the xGPS software!

We are all excited about this new release and you guys should be too. We are bringing a lot to the table and setting the bar higher and higher for future releases.

The planned release for xGPS 1.2 is for the end of this month. We don’t to communicate a more accurate date as we simply don’t know it.  So keep your calendars marked, and stay tuned! And as always you can find the xGPS Software on our Cydia Repo: http://cydia.xwaves.net


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7 Responses to “Cydia – xGPS 1.2 update”

  1. Ion Nedelus Says:

    I’ve just updated my IPhone to xGPS 1.2.0
    Indeed , I can see the improvements but….
    Unfortunately , I’m living in Romania , where Google has the most poor map from Europe .With previous version , I could use the maps imported from GMDL program (Google combined with Open Street) , maps to the limit of decency .
    But now I see those maps not still supported by version 1.2

    WHAT TO DO then ?

  2. Foxy Says:

    everytime i try to select a region and name it, once I click download maps, the program freezes……. i have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. any suggestions

  3. Tom Says:

    I had this problem. Try selecting a smaller area and/or higher numbers for levels. For example: I selected an area 100mi by 100mi and levels 2,4,7. This yielded a file of about 100mb. Hope this helps…

  4. Mr Miracle Says:

    When using the search for places function, selecting a destination from the list produces a blue pin on the map, but it wont add that address into the final destionation. You have to search, then write the address down, then copy it into the final destination then plot route. Should be able to just select a destination from within search and plot using your current location.

  5. acme Says:

    i cant find anything under the posted adress, i added the source but its just empty, is this only for me?

  6. xeoh Says:

    im having this problem too

  7. Lost Says:

    This little missing function is why I had to switched back to Google maps. Can’t do this while driving and it makes to whole seach for a place and get directions to it close to impossible.

    Many potential options exist to help this interface. Click in the search result and add a ‘Directions to here from current location’ option. Add the Location to your destinations. Copy/Paste the address. Please guys – can this be added?

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