Feb 12

img_0012Fiveirows is a new mod that will allow you to have five rows on your springboard. The package mod can be found via Cydia if you install the repository of Touch-Mania.com. Hit the break to see how your springboard looks when installed.

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26 Responses to “Cydia – FiveIrows (5 rows of applications)”

  1. robin Says:

    Does this work with 5 column springboard?

  2. ken Says:

    yes it works with 5 column i believe

  3. Jan Says:

    yep it works

  4. Wesley Says:

    It works but the Five-Column makes the icon disappear when you’re browsing trough pages, so I’m using just the FiveIRows.

  5. trey Says:

    hi….What’s the name of theme???thanks

  6. nVadim Says:

    I cannot add this repository. Help please.

  7. Cydia - FiveIrows (5 rows of applications) — hibilog 2008 Says:

    […] on your springboard. The package mod can be found via Cydia if you install the repository…read more | digg story ã‚¿ã‚°: apple iphone phone […]

  8. nVadim Says:

    Thank You. I have figured it out. Repository is:
    cydia.touch-mania.com, not touch-mania.com.
    Gread mod!!

  9. nVadim Says:

    Can anybody help me with Five icons Dock?
    Every time when I install it, the problem with random mix of all icon appears.
    I have uninstalled Kate, but this problem still exists. Each reboot mixes all my icons.
    Only uninstalling Five icons Dock cures this problem, but I really want to have it.
    P.S. Same problem with Five Colomn Springboard. =(

  10. shangdi Says:

    Can’t get 5 rows of icons ?

  11. Josh Says:

    omfgggg i got the new tweak/update for the fivelrows and now i can’t do anything with my ipod. there’s only four icons per page. so i have nine pages of apps, all of the pages have a limit of 4 apps. i can’t put apps on my springboard or move them around. help?
    i’m currently trying to ssh into my springboard but i can’t find the folder.
    someone tell me what to click on?
    i think it’s system>library>coreservices>
    but after i click on coreservices my winscp freezes…plz help

  12. Josh Says:

    don’t tell me i hafta restore my ipod =(((((

  13. Vege Says:

    just remove fivelrows from cydia and you will see all the icons – although the icon positions will all be messed up… it happened to me, sadly.

  14. Josh Says:

    ya but…i couldn’t access cydia
    it only showed the first four icons in the page.
    so all the other icons were somehow invisible
    my cydia app was all the way on the bottom

    but i figured it out

  15. Josh Says:

    and also you could take screenshots once in a while of your app arrangements. that way, just in case your icons get messed up you can connect your ipod to your computer and then view the pictures from there. then you can put the icons back the way you want it. although its a painstaking process, it’s worth it

  16. R Reaves Says:

    Can someone tell me what to do when lots of your icons dissapear..

  17. R Reaves Says:

    It looks like all the missing icons are stacked on top of each other on the top right of each screen..

  18. juggz143 Says:

    I was just about to install this but this is the second forum with reports of it screwing up icon arrangement so I’ll pass!

  19. meg Says:

    THANX 4 THAT! i couldn’t get it to work until I read ur comment!

  20. otakuuu Says:

    works fine with 5-column but WILL NOT work with 5-icon dock.

  21. Tisgie Ritehere Says:

    All 3 FIVE tweaks (fiverows, fivecolumns, fivedock) all work together well. But not on an ipod running 3.0 firmware. If you get all three, there will be no major problem, but the dock will get pushed over to the side, pick either fiverows or five dock and do not install the other unless you dont mind your amazing ipod touch or iphone looking retarded and thrown together.

  22. lolfishy Says:

    I uninstalled it but i still have the five rows and realised i only want 4 rows now…

  23. ComputerSaVvy95 Says:

    This doesn’t work, the source http://cydia.touch-mania.com comes up with an error saying that this repository doesn’t exist, please help?

  24. Jeff Says:

    That happened to me too

  25. Jasper Says:

    i add http://cydia.touch-mania.com/ in then it come out do not repository to me can help?

  26. Benjamin Says:

    i tried adding the sources touch-mania.com and cydia.touch-mania.come and a few more and always got the following answer: did not find repository..
    also when i added Touch-mania from the Cydia repositories it was empty so i cant download FiveIrows to me Iphone..

    Any help please?

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