Feb 12

witsmsiPhone users in Portugal are among the first to receive a iPhone MMS application. Wit Software follows in the footsteps of Mobispine who already released their iPhone MMS application in the scandinavian market by request of the finnish operator Telia. Wit Software on the other hand got it’s MMS application certified by Apple and will start to offer it as a first in Portugal.

Wit software also announced that they will sell it as a white product so the providers can chose to brand it as their own.

The mms app will work similar as the SwirlyMMS client and will have much resemblence with a mail client. One drawback on this official app store app, is the fact that it will not be able to run in the background. So it will only check for mms when you start the app.

Wit MMS app will recognize multiple file formats like JPG, png, BMP, GIF, and TIF pictures. Arm audio, 3GP as well as MP4-Video.

PDF Flyer link

Wit Software home page.

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4 Responses to “App Store – Offical iPhone MMS application release (portugal)”

  1. Jared Gibbes Says:

    Please hurry up and get approved in the US Apple store or I will have to buy a foreign credit card to get this.

  2. daniel Says:

    Bah, i dont use it, i never used it, i wont use it, why should i install it? Someone whats my MMS app? lol (Im portuguese)

  3. 14 Says:

    could this be made to work in the us on a jailbroken device

  4. Brian Says:

    It already does work on US jailbroken iPhones. It’s called “Swirly MMS.”

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