Feb 11

doubletap-springboardTapSB is a new mod soon to be released in Cydia. It will feature a quick way to switch your springboard pages. According to the screenshot released it will work quite the same way as Safari and the image app. How does it work?

When you double-tap on a empty place of the springboard a new window will pop open with 6 miniature versions of your springboard, this will be shown with a zoom function like we already know by Mobile Safari, then tap on one of the 6 miniature versions to go to the full page with a zoom effect.

Once there’s more information available off TapSB we will update you asap.



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4 Responses to “Cydia – TapSB (new mod to give you 6 springboards on 1 page)”

  1. anon Says:

    Fan-tastic :)

  2. TapSB toont zes SpringBoard-schermen tegelijk [Cydia] > Nieuws > iPhoneclub.nl Says:

    […] iPhoneFreakz Vorige […]

  3. Wesley Says:

    Larger screenshot:

    This is VERY nice, specially for people like me that has already the maximum 9 pages on SB.

    But as I can assume, it will be released under iSpazio, which is unavailable to me since last week.

  4. Bergomillosy Says:

    Well, I think there are at least two movies deserving this title. These are Terminator 4 and Transformers 2. What do you think?

    P.S. To moderators: sorry for possible writing to a wrong category but I didn’t find any other category for general chat.

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