Feb 11

mobilemix400The Big Stone Phone company released it’s innovative new application for iPhone and iPod Touch 2 named “MobileMix” – the portable pocket music studio. MobileMix brings beatboxing to the iPhone. A loop machine of sorts, MobileMix lets you record individual tracks and play them all back at the same time, creating a grand orchestra from just a single voice. Or pass it around and let friends each layer a track.

“Are you ready to become a first-class hip-hop artist?”, inquired Stone’s CEO and Chief Computer Scientist Andrew Stone. “With MobileMix you can instantly create new songs. Capture ambient sounds and overlay with your own poetry, singing or raving.

Start with a beat and get jamming! Go freestyle with your songs or let MobileMix assist you by clamping each track to the longest recording. And when you’ve completed your masterpiece, MobileMix even lets you upload to a computer. No matter what the occasion, MobileMix is sure to bring a smile to the room.


  • Beautifully designed UI
  • Record as many tracks as you like
  • Apply album artwork to your songs
  • Label your songs explicit or clean as need be
  • Upload to a computer

Price: $3.99 – 2,99€
App Store: MobileMix


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