Feb 10

ishred Frontier Design Group has introduced iShred, a complete electric guitar application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Based on the flexible and highly playable interface developed for Guitar, Frontier’s advanced acoustic guitar app, iShred adds features that let users create their own custom electric guitar tones.

iShred starts with a set of high-fidelity guitar samples, then feeds them through eight exciting effects pedals and an overdriven amp simulator. Whether you want a clean trebly surf sound, a spacey rock lead, or an all-out metal assault, iShred delivers the goods. The sonic line-up includes these virtual stomp-boxes:

* Adrenaline – Treble Booster for that extra shot
* HK-2000 Delay Unit – For that fat slap sound or cavernous echo
* Hot Fuzz – Adds some spice, from light fuzz to heavy distortion
* K=F6mpress=F6r – Gives power chords massive sustain
* Q-36 Space Modulator – Multi-pattern modulation pedal
* Sybil – Dual chorus pedal with rate, depth, and mix
* Trembler – Tremolo with controls for speed, depth, and waveform
* Wahsabi – Tilt the iPhone to control the sound of this wah pedal

Up to four effects may be used at a time, and the effects settings are saved with each song. iShred provides a playing interface that’s both powerful and easy to learn. Songs can be created from a huge library of over 2000 built-in chords, scales, and fret positions, by assigning them to the two rows of buttons at the top of the screen. The buttons provide immediate access to all the
chords and scales for a song, and allow easy switching between strumming chords and playing melodies. Other advanced playing actions such as hammer-on’s, pull-off’s, and pitch bends are available to provide even greater realism.

iShred has a built-in recorder that lets players capture and refine their performances. The recorder can be used to share songs with friends, or to create tracks to jam along with live. The iShred recorder provides undo and
redo, “tap tempo” and metronome functions, and saves each recording with its associated song. Recorder controls slide out of the way during playback and recording to maximize the performing area on the touchscreen.

Price: $4.99 – 3,99€
App Store: iShred

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  2. freegadgets4you uk Says:

    Very misleading, i thought this was going to turn my iphone into a shredder :roll:

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