Feb 06

snow-leopardAccording to AppleInsider, the new Mac os X version Snow Leopard will include some nifty features most of us already know from our iPhones. The features rumored to make a jump from the iPhone platform are geographical location based services and multi-touch support.

We know that all Mac’s don’t (yet) include any GPS technology (although implementing a chipset in the laptops wouldn’t be much of a hassle) so CoreLocation will probably use the triangulate feature we know off the iPhone 2G.
What is the most interesting in this article is the fact that multi-touch features will be available for most applications for the new MacBooks and MacBook pro’s. Something about playing with Google earth on a 20 inch screen does seem to please me :)


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One Response to “Snow Leopard borrowing iPhone features?”

  1. Hughes Says:

    Location will be determined using Skyhook, which uses the WiFi network you are connected to to approximate your location. This is not triangulation.

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