Jan 23

ss5Adv Lock is a app from Cydia that basically locks Chosen apps from being open with out a password. This is good for when you have siblings or children that like to play with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you don’t want them getting into your Hacked apps, imagine what can happen if they messed around with Cydia. Also you can pass code lock your SIM for security if anything was taken. (Don’t ask about the Sim lock, i don’t know Much about it) I really use this app with my Cydia, sometimes i accidentally click on it, and it takes a while to load, just to click out of it! LOL. More Pictures inside!!!


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9 Responses to “Cydia – mAdvLock”

  1. 14 Says:

    kinda like lockdown…

  2. Cigaro Says:

    yes..i think lock down is better wink:

  3. Corvida Says:

    So I’m guessing it forces you to respring after every lock/unlock?

  4. ahu125 Says:

    yeah well it was NEW and i must REVIEW “)

  5. ahu125 Says:

    Me Too “)

  6. TTKA1347 Says:

    Madvlock doesn’t force me to respring at all. Though, I have discovered if you open a locked app via quickgold you bypass Madvlock all together.

  7. tikldo Says:

    in version 1.1, the problem that quickgold can bypass mAdvLock is fixed!

  8. Matthew Says:

    is their a free version of something to lock down applications? I’m afraid to use my credit card with cydia stuff!!

    Please let me know

  9. Marcus Says:

    Well there is a loophole with lockdown where you can go to your your “search phone” feature and type in an email address of one of your contacts. It will then give you access to email even if the email app is locked. Same goes for your contacts. Search for a contact name and it will will bring it up!!! I deleted lockdown because of this and other know issues where it freezes up the phone. I am now gonna have to try MadVLock and see if it’s better.

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